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Why Do People Do It?

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PostPosted: Wed Apr 01, 2015 10:03    Post subject: Why Do People Do It? Reply with quote

Smokeless tobacco has been around for a long time. Native people of North and South America chewed tobacco. Snorting and chewing snuff was popular in Europe and Scandinavia (the word "snuff" comes from the Scandinavian word "snus").

In the United States, chewing tobacco has long been associated with baseball. Players chewed it to keep their mouths moist, spit it into their gloves to soften them up, and used it to make a "spitball," a special pitch that involved dabbing the ball with saliva so it spun off the pitcher's fingers easily, causing the ball to break sharply. (Spitballs were banned from the sport in 1920.)

By the 1950s, chewing tobacco had fallen out of favor in most of America and not too many baseball players were spitting big brown gobs all over the infield. Instead of chewing their tobacco, most people were smoking it.

In the 1970s people became more aware of the dangers of smoking. Thinking it was a safe alternative to lighting up, baseball players started chewing their tobacco again. Some players even developed the habit of mixing their chewing tobacco with bubblegum and chewing the whole thing.

These days, you don't see lots of professional ballplayers with wads of chaw in their cheeks. But plenty of people, athletes or not, still chew and spit
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