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swer for everyone. Ev

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PostPosted: Sat Sep 28, 2019 10:22    Post subject: swer for everyone. Ev Reply with quote

thought were dirty and ugly, but I thought I felt like myself. It��s not too tired to live like this. It��s too tired to struggle on the ground. It��s too much to pay. I feel that it��s not worth it. I always think that I have found a shortcut to realize my dream, but I don��t want it to distort the original intention. Dreams. This kind of life may be a person��s sorrow. When dying, holding the flashy money and status, I realize how much my life is. It��s ugly, it��s ugly; maybe it won��t regret it at all, always think that you are perfect, deceive yourself and hypnotize yourself with your false appearance, and its color is slowly faded from the shining golden light. It is a dirty gray-black that everyone casts aside. It is very turbid. It can't see a trace of light, but it looks like a noble black on the surface to show that its status is so high, so much wealth, people People envy the gorgeousness of its surface, but hate the dirty little town inside it, remembering one thing that most people have to experience in life - the word love Newport Cigarettes, love, strange to me But it's a bit familiar, it feels a bit awkward, not practical, because I haven't experienced this kind of thing that is very beautiful in the adult's mouth Marlboro Red. This kind of feeling is really tempting for the 16-year-old girl, this kind of emotion Not necessarily all beautiful, braving pink bubbles. In this border town, there is a bit of interest, but more is emotion. Just like most love stories, it is not The perfect ending, only one after another, the backs of each other. Love brings a large color to the human life, waiting for the pain of immersing the tears with the tears of the latter half of life, or it may be the oldest to the dead. It requires feelings and needs real feelings. However, in some loves, it may be for the interests of one party or even both parties. This kind of love is like a shackle of interest, and it is always reminded that this emotion is only for the benefit. It does not represent the whole life, but it adds a large amount of stain to life, either beautiful or ugly, or beautiful or sad. It is pink, but with some other color in pink, with a little bit warm in the warmth. The color of the painting brings a finishing touch or burden to all kinds of people or is not important at all. Every girl may have imagined the prince riding a white horse when she was a child. Every boy may have imagined himself when he was a child. Goddess, but who knows that after growing up, the pink color in his life is light and heavy, and who knows what color is in the pink? ? I don't know why I should scream, why maybe there is nothing that I deserve to scream, or maybe there are too many things that I deserve to shout. Now in this society, there is nothing strange, why do you want to shout? release stress? Yes, the pressure to release a lot of people is suffering because of the pressure from all sides, and even some people under this pressure are different from the original. Some people may become interested in smoldering, and some people will become too respectful and fearful of offending others. It never climbs up, although it is not satisfied with the status quo but is still in the status quo, respectful to those who are high-ranking mokingusacigarettes.com, respectful, not afraid to offend a trace, and do not dare to break the rules of self-righteousness. It is grayish white, very small, there is nothing too bright color, always think that you are shorter than others, inconspicuous, step by step numbness, do not resist, like a robot has been set, Listening to life and a role that is better than oneself, I don��t want to think about how I should change. After seeing all kinds of life and various life attitudes, I gave up what I used to believe, "The world is beautiful." Thoughts, knowing that the world is composed of different colors, different lives, and different attitudes. What color should life be in the end, and whether the bright and beautiful gold is unchanged? But what about other life colors? What should life be like? What kind of life should we have? Maybe everyone has the answer for everyone. Everyone feels that their life is beautiful. I feel that the color that I have added for my life is good, but is this the case? Or is everyone too self-righteous? We learned to judge the color of life, but forgot to see what the color of life is. There are too many lives in this world, and it is precisely because of the unique colors of each life that this beautiful world is formed.
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