Connoisseurs of Alcohol and Tobacco Association (CATA) is a legal entity registered in The National Court Register on 20 April 2005. The Association was founded by those, who share passion and interest in noble alcohols and tobacco. Some of the members are in the alcohol business professionally and others treat it as a hobby - the opportunity to expand knowledge as well as a way of relaxation. The main objective of the Association is to develop and widespread knowledge about particular alcohols and tobacco. Each member is interested in broadening their idea concerning spirits, but at the same time each of them specializes in a concrete kind. All of the members are obliged to provide a short essay, deliver a presentation and publication on a certain liquor on the CATA's website. Apart from that we all are interested not only in theory but we also enjoy the thrill that accompanies sampling held on our own as well as while attending business events we are invited to.

The Board of Connoisseurs of Alcohol and Tobacco Association (CATA)

President Łukasz Sosiński
Association's Secretary Piotr Barszcz
Financial Secretary Piotr D±browski

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